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We have many types of gravel to choose from at Rock Creek Supply. We can supply you with any product that the quarry carries. If you do not see what you are looking for, please ask if it is available. We stock the following on our yard:

  • #57 – Stone that is approximately 1′ – 1.5″, good for drainage, driveways, washed stone (dust and pea gravel have been screened out)
  • #78- Pea gravel, uses: drainage, walkway, top layer of driveways, around pavers, very pretty washed stone
  • Crush and Run- Consists of stone and stone dust, packs well, makes very nice driveway base, fills holes, good footing for pavers, stalls, stepping stones, etc
  • Screenings-Rock dust or rock sand, very fine particles, drains well, often used in riding arenas, gateways, holes, filler for patio stones, stepping stones, etc.
  • Chapel Hill Grit- Decomposed granite, light in color, packs well, used as a base for walkways, muddy areas, steppingstones, etc
  • Rip Rap- Large loose stone used for erosion control
  • Surge – Stone that is 2″ – 4″, often used for stabilization of muddy areas, such as construction entrances, erosion control, new driveways, or lining banks.


    #57 Gravel

    #78 Gravel

    Crush & Run


    Chapel Hill Grit

    Rip Rap


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