Shed Inventory

End Lofted Barn Handyman’s Special

Inv # ULB 8776122408521

Good-looking 12’x24′ lofted handyman special barn painted in a beautiful shade of mahogany with cream painted siding and a charcoal metal roof.  It has a double wide door with an extra 4′ door and three 2’x3′ windows.  The inside includes a tool bench with a wall and loft above it.

Price: $8,970

36 month payments: $415.28

Deluxe Lofted Cabin

Inventory #PLCD 866 1228 042122

Adorable double lofted deluxe cabin with blue siding, white trim, and a black metal roof. This design has six 2’x3′ windows, a 9-light door, and an angled front porch. The inside hosts 2 lofts, one at the front and one at the back. This model would make the perfect she shed, man cave or tiny house!

Price: $11,370
36 month rent to own: $526.39

Side Lofted Barn

Inventory # PSLB 8941-1220-090321

Very nice barn with lofts on both short sides. Siding in chestnut urethane with painted trim. Double wood door and two 2’x3′ windows.

Price: $7,450
36 month payments: $344.91


Inventory #PPH 8651-812-071521

What child would not want this playhouse in their backyard?  It features a porch, a single front door as well as a single back door, loft with a ladder, and 3 windows. 

Price: $4,320
36 month payments: $200.00

Side Lofted Garden Shed

Inventory #UGSL 8922-1216-08321

Garden shed with 2 lofts, 2- 2’x3’ windows and a double wood door.

Price: $6,595
36 month payments: $305.32


Inventory #UGR 8990-1228-091521

Garage with an overhead door.  12” on center floor joists for heavier objects.  Solid fiberglass entry door on side. 

Price: $10,290
36 month payments: $476.39

Side Lofted Barn

10′ x 16′
Inventory #PSLB 8164 1016 050922

Nice looking double lofted barn with a loft on both short ends.  It has a double wood door and two 2×3 windows. Blue siding with white trim.

Price: $5,350
36 month payments: $247.59

Garden Shed

12′ x 20′
Inventory #PGSX 8944 1220 090721

Check out this cute garden shed with the extra windows on each door.  Not only will you get more light in this model, but it will make a great statement.  This shed is tan with green trim and would make the perfect she shed or garden storage building.

Price: $6,815
36 month payments: $315.51

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